T-Mobile brings 7.2Mbps Mobile Internet to Los Angeles

March 24, 2010 at 4:47 am (CLIQ, Mobile Web, T-Mobile) (, )

T-Mobile HSPA Plus 7.2

Faster mobile web speeds will be showing up in the Los Angeles area for T-Mobile users soon. Los Angeles will be among the first cities where the HSPA Plus network will be implemented.

The HSPA network currently getting ready to deploy will offer 7.2Mbps mobile web speeds. The average reported top speed for T-Mobile 3G users in the Los Angeles area is around 1Mbps, with T-mobile claims as high as 1.8Mbps. Using the real life 1Mbps maximum speed, this is over a 700% increase in downstream speeds.

Eventually T-Mobile will release it’s HSPA + 21Mbps network across their entire 3G service area, though I have been unable to find anything official stating when this might happen.

The devices on T-Mobile’s network which support HSPA 7.2 include:

  • CLIQ
  • G1
  • MyTouch 3G
  • Behold 2 (November 18, 2009)
  • Touch Pro 2 (Windows)
  • Dash 3G (Windows)

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